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MODUS, our lightest bike saddle, is designed for the highest level of performance and has the least amount of our proprietary Reactive Padding™.  Sleek, low-profile design, lightweight at an estimated 225 grams, and cut-outs, provides greater comfort without sacrificing anything in your performance output. (estimated weight +/- 5-10 grams)

Available in plastic and carbon fiber.

Weight and dimensions:

Carbon: 130 mm.  225 g  *estimated 

Designed by a doctor and avid cyclist, Zeta Saddles patented Reactive Padding™

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
James Litalien
Jury still out.

Weather has been bad here. I have 20 miles total in three rides! Also change to padded shorts 3x & 4x. Give me a couple weeks.

Wesley Spratt
Too soon to tell

Due to cold and windy weather in SC today ess my first ride on my zeta saddle. I need some adjustments but at this point in time I'd give it 4 stars. Adjustments should make it even more comfy and maybe 5 stars but with only one ride I'd say it's very promising and maybe get the coveted 5 stars

Eugene Bernosky
I love my ZETA MODUS saddle!

After going through seven road saddles in ten years, I finally found a light weight, high-performance carbon saddle that actually gives me greater comfort and support. I ride even longer and more often without feeling that typical saddle hardness, sit-bone soreness and groin area numbness that occurred during most rides, especially on my longer rides.


Try a Zeta Saddle for 30 days

Order your seat, set it up and give it a test ride. If it does not give you the pain-free ride we claim, return to us and we will refund your order.