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OPTIMA, our high performance with the same sleek, low-profile design as our MODUS saddle and the greatest shock absorbing and gold standard in bike saddle comfort from our patented Reactive Padding™.  Zeta's specialized padding design for bike saddles was created by our founder to solve the complex issues of soft tissue and boney contact pressure and impact forces of the riders body against the saddle over periods of time.  Bike saddle contact pressure, friction, and the ground reaction forces coming up into the rider through the bicycle create increasing discomfort, compression of soft tissues, and potentially perineal region blood flow and/or nerve entrapment.

Available with titanium rails and full carbon fiber with carbon rails.

Designed by a doctor and avid cyclist, Zeta Saddles patented Reactive Padding™

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jim S.
I think I have finally found the right saddle for me!

Having tried a wide variety of saddles, I was intrigued by the Zeta saddle adds and decided to go ahead and try one. I now have 5 rides and about 100 miles on my Optima - I am definitely paying less attention to my rear end with this saddle! The next test is some longer rides (30-50 miles), to see how it works out for more extended rides.

Rich Rocco

Very rarely are things as good if not better than advertises. But this is a case where the product exceeded my expectations. I have gone three 4 saddles and variations of bike shorts, and nothing worked consistently. This is the 1st time I could go back to back days riding without soreness or abrasions. It's been amazing. And you feel stronger since your not in pain and can go a lot more. This product is amazing

Robert Gonzales
Great Saddle

Great Saddle - more comfort than Ergon or WTB saddles for long rides.

Raul D
64 miles with Zeta saddle

Bought the Zeta Optima to do longer rides. I always experienced a lot of saddle soreness around the 50 mile mark no matter which saddle was on my bike. I did a metric century (64 miles) last week in Lodi and was very comfortable in the saddle. I could have ridden more miles. I currently have 6 bikes with different saddles ranging from Selle Italia to Specialized. They are good saddles, but when I did over 50 miles, saddle soreness was always an issue while on the ride, until now. Very pleased with my saddle and Zeta has a very good return policy.

Larry P
Zeta Optima Everything I hoped for!

I purchased the Zeta Optima at the Sea Otter Classic to replace a specialized ergo saddle that broke mid ride. Glad I did! I just did a 5 hour snow filled climb in the California mountains (freakish snow storm) and one thing that didn't create misery was this saddle. So comfortable I didn't give my saddle or butt soreness a second thought, which to me is the point. I highly recommend.


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